Local Camera


Local Camera to save the photos taken in the local storage of this app.
Photos are never transferred to Photo Library, iCloud or the Internet.
When you press the “Shoot” button, in silence, a photo is saved immediately.
You can set a password for viewing from the app.

How to get photos from local storage

  1. Connect the iPhone and Mac with a USB cable.
  2. Select the Local Camera, In the File Sharing of iTunes.
  3. Select photos, and save.
  4. If you select the unwanted photos, and press the delete key, you can delete photos from the local storage.


  • If the pass code is set to the device and locked, photos can not be get.
  • If you press and hold the photo on the album screen, you can delete it.
  • If you forget the app password, to get photos from local storage by the File Sharing, then delete the app.
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